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Poland to Birmingham: a savoury summary of our year so far

From serving pizza and hot drinks to Ukrainian refugees fleeing over the Polish border to making canapes for corporate events and preparing to support an official sponsor of the Commonwealth Games, it’s safe to say that Louise has had a busy few months. 

It hasn’t always been this hectic though. 

Rewind a year and a half and you would find a worried Louise, wondering how her business would fare as the pandemic restrictions wreaked havoc across the hospitality industry.

Like others, Louise was forced to make some difficult decisions as she considered the future of her business. 

It’s a testimony to her resilience that we are all back together again and more in demand than ever before, providing exciting and creative menus left, right and centre. 

Around the same time as the pace began to pick up earlier this year, Louise ventured out to Poland at the suggestion of a friend who had told her about a volunteering project happening on the Ukrainian border. 

Working with the Scottish charity Siobhan’s Trust, Louise spent a week handing out clean clothes, food and warm drinks to people escaping the war. 

The experience left an indelible mark on her, especially in the case of one woman who handed her baby to Louise out of sheer exhaustion. 

“To give someone your baby shows how desperate you must be,” Louise said. “It was chaotic, we were just reacting to the needs of all these people trying to cross the borders.”

Others were so tired they just melted into the arms of volunteers, most of whom were using Google Translate to communicate with the refugees. 

Across her seven days there, Louise stayed with three others from Ireland, Los Angeles and London in a small campervan. 

Among many other volunteers, the four of them served food that had been donated along with other supplies to people who had nothing more than the clothes they were wearing and a few bags at most. 

Gloves were also provided to prevent people’s hands from rubbing and cutting on the rough-handled bags they had to continue carrying. 

Back in the UK, Louise and the team have since been busy catering at special events for clients including Airbnb, Grant Thornton, Gymshark, Vintage Trains and more. 

Recently we have even managed to carry out ten events in one day and are gearing up to cater for a Commonwealth Games sponsor throughout the occasion. 

Sometimes it takes a pandemic and war to make you realise just how lucky you are and how much we value and enjoy our work. 

So watch this space, we have a lot of exciting news coming for you soon!