Oktoberfest Food

Have you ever wondered how Oktoberfest originated? Well the first Oktoberfest was actually a wedding feast to celebrate the marriage of Prince and Princess of Saxe-Hildburghausen in Germany with lots of food and drink (obviously). Since then it’s escalated and has become a must-do October event.

As Birmingham sets its sights on hosting its first ever Oktoberfest next week, at Just Good Food we’ve decided to give you the low down on typical German food associated with the festival.

As meat was the most popular food to traditionally accompany beer there’s no doubt wherever you go you will see (and smell) a traditional ‘schweinshaxe’ which is a slow roast pork shank. Alternatively, why not make a ‘bratwurst’ (German sausage) or a pork ‘schnitzel’ (a breaded chunky pork chop encrusted in a mixture of breadcrumbs, sage and garlic)?

As for accompaniments, don’t forget to fill up your dish with some delicious potato, carrot and parsnip galettes (potato rosti’s) coated in a fragrant sage sauce. There’s also pretzels topped with rock salt or some traditional spaetzle (very similar to gnocchi) tossed in a soft tangy cheese.

And of course never forgetting the desserts! The heavier the better – from white chocolate beer cookies with orange icing to fried apple pies and an authentic Kürbisbrot (pumpkin bread). These will definitely be the trophy of any Oktoberfest party!

The Birmingham Oktoberfest will be held this week between the 15 and 19 October at Cannon Hill. Share your Oktoberfest photos with us on Twitter @JustGoodFood and we’ll RT our favourites! Happy Oktoberfest!