Add a Little Chilli to Your Life

As the cold September nights roll in and the chill in the air brushes through you, why not bring a bit of heat back into your body by adding a small fiery fruit to your dishes to warm you right up?

The thought of adding a chilli to dishes can be a little bit daunting but at Just Good Food we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you pack a little oomph into your everyday dishes to help you keep warm, from the inside out.

A quick tip to using fresh chilli’s in everyday foods, without the intense heat some chillies have, is to cut down the centre of the chilli and remove the seeds. Then before you cook your dish, add the chilli to oil to infuse the dish with a delicate chilli taste – it’s subtle but still warming.

There are numerous traditional dishes you can apply this trick to – any tomato sauces for pastas and meats which soak up the chilli flavour, warm and cold salad dressings to enjoy at lunch or a dinner party and delicious homemade vegetable soups.

Just remember to add chilli sparingly to any dish as you can always add more and if it does get a little too spicy you can combat the heat by adding a little sugar and a drop of vinegar to tone the heat down.

If you’ve got a great chilli dish which perfectly warms you up from the inside out, snap us a picture and share it with us on Twitter @JustGoodFoodBHM.