Can Cook, Will Cook

Here’s a blog from our very own Maggie Williams whose Spanish roots clearly influence what she creates in the kitchen:

I may be Just Good Food’s ‘Office Girl’ but it doesn’t mean I haven’t got a passion for food. Far from it! I may not cook in the professional kitchen with my colleagues, but I do cook at home, and I’m pretty good at it too.

Having been raised by my Spanish Mom, food at home nearly always had a Mediterranean direction. I was taught at an early age to appreciate sumptuous continental food and this has definitely influenced the way I now cook at home.

So when I host a dinner party, my guests are lucky to tuck into Spain’s traditional seafood Paella. Here’s a picture I snapped just for our Just Good Food fans to enjoy!

So, while my colleagues do their thing in the kitchen and I do mine in the office- by sharing my love, passion and ideas for food to help create the wonderful menus Just Good Food has to offer.

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