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Back to School Lunches

Stuck on what to make the little ones for their lunches? A new school year deserves some new ideas and at Just Good Food, we’ve thought of a few helpful suggestions to help liven up the traditional cheese sandwich option.

Firstly, the key to creating the best lunches is to get organised. Take 5 minutes and make a list of all the ingredients you’ll need during the week so while you’re doing the weekly shop you can grab all the tortilla wraps and carrots you’ll need.

The key is to be creative! Think of food ideas which will surprise your children when they open their lunch boxes – use a cookie cutter to turn your traditional sandwiches into different animals and shapes!

For sandwich ideas, we recommend doing away with the traditional brown or white bread but instead encourage you to try wraps or pitta breads and filling it with coleslaw, salad or chicken for a little variety. Why not create a sandwich kebab by neatly arranging all the fillings (and the ends) onto a skewer or do-it-yourself lunches with all parts of the sandwich needing to be assembled to make lunch more interactive and fun?

If you’re in the mood to get doubly creative then why not go the extra mile and create mini cheese and tomato pizzas, small chicken and broccoli pies or even sausage rolls at the weekend which you can freeze and cook when needed?

But of course we’re forgetting the best part of a packed lunch, the snacks – create your own trail mix, apple chips, cheese cubes, cookie bites – it’s the treats which we all looked forward to the most (and still do).

So when you’re gearing up to prepare the school lunch, just think about how you can create a healthy and enjoyable school lunch which other children will be envious of. Share your lunch ideas and photos with us on Twitter and let us know what delicious foods you’re busy creating. Happy cooking!