Why use seasonal produce?

Time and time again you hear people promoting the use of seasonal produce but is it really that important? Well, actually, yes it is.

You see, using seasonal produce will ensure that all the wonderful culinary dishes you create have the freshest, most lovely flavours possible.  When in season, fruit and vegetables really pack a punch on your taste buds, allowing you to use less seasoning and additives as what you’ve  got in front of you already tastes delicious!

At Just Good Food, we’ve always been a big fan of seasonal produce and, where possible, use it within all the meals and canapés we cook. It’s not just the taste we love, it’s the colour too – bright, bold colours really help make food irresistible. Go on, try it!

Don’t go thinking it’s just some latest craze either; people have been eating seasonal food since the dawn of time. You wouldn’t have found a caveman popping to the supermarket for some frozen vegetables would you? No, he would have been digging up fresh carrots from the ground and picking apples off the trees for his dinner.

If we haven’t convinced you  yet, how about this…usually when food is in season it’s cheaper, so you can have wonderful tasting food and still enough pennies left over to treat yourself.

So what ingredients should you be making the most of now? We recommend using plums, courgettes and raspberries. Share your photos with us on Twitter and let us know how you get on. Happy cooking!